Your company logo is a vital element that represents everything about your company. Don't display a blurry image.

Have your logo in a vector format for all your marketing media. Whether it's for vehicle branding, billboard advertising,

business cards, flyers, posters or banners.

Vector is a must for laser cutting and letter cutout.

 What i require from you

 Once redrawn

 What you will receive from me

•  Your logo emailed through to

•  1 - 7 working days to complete the

     redraw. [depending the complexity

     and requirements]

•  May be scaled to any size (large or small)

•  Crisp and Clear

•  No blurry images or pixelation

•  Editable

•  Vector images can be used for cut-outs  

   (laser cutting / print and cut)

•  Your logo professionally redrawn to

    a high quality image

•  Supplied in the following vector      

   formats: ai / eps / pdf

•  Supplied in the following high quality

   images for online use:  JPG and PNG



Q's & A's 

All you need to know.

Why do I need a vector Image?

Depending on what you need - if your print shop has asked for a vector version of your logo, it's probably because they need something in a

line/outline format. A vector is made of lines/paths - this may be blown up or reduced to any size without pixelating and ideally used for laser/print

cutting.  This is when you need your logo or image cut along it's shape. A JPG, PNG, PSD is made of blocks, this is a bitmap/raster image. You can

only scale this to a certain size before the little blocks are visible which gives you a pixelated result.

How do I know which version I have?

Not a vector:   .jpg   .png   .tiff   .gif   .psd
Possibly a vector:   .pdf   .eps   .ai

If you are uncertain, send through the file and i will gladly assist and confirm what and how your artwork was made.

What not to do.

When you paste a .jpg image into a vector based program - it DOESN'T make it a vector image. When someone has asked for a vector file, it's

usually when the original artwork was done in a vector based program with NO BITMAP image.


I have a Photoshop file, is this vector?

No. Photoshop can't create true vector images. This is still a bitmap image. Photoshop is not a vector based program.

I have a Word Document, will this work?

No. Word is definitely not a program for designing of logos.